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Corveric Repairs and Modifications

The first repair for me to document here is that done to a failed clutch cable.  

I recently had an issue with my clutch.  The clutch chattered and caused all sorts of operational issues.  I finally broke down and bought a brand new clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, throw-out bearing and a cable from Clarks.  With all brand new stuff, it has to work, right?

Along comes Murphy.  What could go wrong did go wrong.  We installed all the parts and for one press of the pedal it felt great.  The second push went awry.  The strength of the new pressure plate overcame the strength of the new cable and pushed the rear anchor up the casing.  It was a standard pressure plate, not a heavily sprung one.  All parts of my clutch mechanism are stock and in the correct position, including the clips that hold the cable in an 's' configuration against the bottom of the box.  Unfortunately, as I was still planning to go to Kalamazoo when it happened, I had to come up with a fix. I leaned on Rob Hall at Corvair Specialties to go through his pile of pressure plates to find one with considerably less pressure, and installed that in place of the brand new one which seemed inordinately strong. Then we re-installed all the other parts but the cable was beyond use.  The anchor point moved rather easily, and kept sliding forward on the casing with every application.

 Here is a photo stream with comments showing how I did it and I can comment on the fact that it is still holding and looking good(?!?)  I used a piece of 1/2" Pex pipe, a tube of PL Premium and a small home made clamp that I had made when I had had a custom clutch cable built and they did not have any anchors remotely like what was required there.  With a bit of wine for inspiration, anything can be fixed.  It won't meet concourse standards, but it got Corveric back on the road, and that is all I was concerned with.

I am also sending this to Clark's as I am a bit disappointed in the failure rate of the clutch cables (the last two I bought failed within minutes of installation, both the same problem.)  Hopefully they can identify the problem at the manufacturer and avoid this for others, but in the meantime, if others have had this issue, I can demonstrate a quick, easy fix.  Each photo has a short comment and step by step instruction.  Has anybody else had this issue?

You can view my shared photo stream on the web:  

Corveric Modifications and Repairs