Corveric, My 1961 Corvair Rampside Pick-Up Truck

This is a 1961 Corvair Rampside which I have restored and...

Corveric Boxside Door

This is a series of pictures depicting the door I fabrica...

Corveric Modifications

Here are pictures of modifications that I have made to my...

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Corveric, My 1961 Corvair Rampside Pick-Up Truck
This is a 1961 Corvair Rampside which I have restored and mildly customized. It is powered by a Corvair engine and looks relatively stock except for a few improvements that only a Corvair person would know about. It is my daily driver and my baby!
Corveric Boxside Door
This is a series of pictures depicting the door I fabricated to close in the section of the box that Chevrolet felt it reasonable to leave unfinished. I feel that it makes a lot of sense to close it to keep the weather out and to clean up the look of the inner box.
Corveric Modifications
Here are pictures of modifications that I have made to my '61 Corvair Rampside. I have made a lot of them that are just for my comfort and convenience and some that are strictly for looks. Either way, if you have any questions about them, contact me and I will happily describe them in more detail.
2013 Cars of SEMA in Vegas
In November 2013, Rich, Riccardo and I headed to Vegas to see the SEMA show. First thing I that stands out is the incredible size of it. WOW... In three days of wandering it, I do not think we saw half the exhibits.
2013 Econorun - Wenatchee
This is the annual even that sets the Corvair Club apart from all the rest of them. We all jump into our cars and drive to some destination to enjoy each others company. We all participate in a cruise of about 100 miles and then get back together to compare fuel consumption rates. (We can't call it mileage here in Canada as we use kilometres) Then there is usually a big banquet where the awards and bragging take place, and if you are lucky you may even get seated at Table Seven. Then we all shine up our babies and show them off in a show and shine. With an incomparable bunch such as what drive Corvairs, this is a great event and here are the pictures I managed to take during the show and shine.
2011 The Rambler Ranch
Here are some photos I took at a private collection known as "The Rambler Ranch" near Denver, CO in 2011. We were there for a convention and had an opportunity to view this odd collection of (as the owner described them) cars nobody else loves. There are many showroom condition cars and many parts cars, but what a display of what nobody else will collect! The collection is very hard to find (even with instructions) and he is not open to public viewing, however, for a donation to a charity, he will open it up for a group. Sadly, before I was even near exploring the outdoors area of the collection, my camera batteries died and I was left with only a partial record of what was there. A very worthwhile 3 or 4 hour visit if you can arrange it!
Random Car Pictures
A collection of car pictures of interest to me. These are mostly my cars or cars belonging to close friends.
2010 Jim Ratsoy Collection
This is a view of a fantastic collection by Jim Ratsoy in Richmond, BC dated April 2010. An incredible number of cars in one spot from muscle cars to incredible '30s cars. If you get a chance, I recommend visiting here!
2012 Lemay Museum
Here are a number of pictures of the Lemay Museum in Tacoma, WA. My camera battery did not make it throughout the collection so there are quite a few vehicles missing but this is a representative sample of a fantastic collection.
2009 The Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Centre
Dr. Forrest Bird is perhaps one of the most impressive gentlemen I have ever had the honour of meeting. His humble yet interesting personality is far from what I would expect of such an incredible person. Visit Here!
2012 Vernon Show & Shine
This is a great show held in Polson Park in downtown Vernon. The shop this year was held on August 12th. The name of the show is The Sun Valley Cruise In.
Phil's Phollies
Here's a batch of pictures taken by the one and only FU Phil Edge. He is known to be a CKTBSOAOEPVFS. Not only has he the blazer with the club badge, he was a Junior Lifesaver with Clusters, Bub! There are several years of pics all from the LGTCI.
2010 Barrett Jackson In Vegas
A group of us attended the Barrett jackson auction in Vegas in 2010 and this is what we saw...
2011 World of Wheels, Tradex in Abbotsford
This is an annual show indoors at the Tradex building at Abbotsford Airport (YYR) Check their website here: The show is held in February each year.
2011 Ladner Car & Quilt Show
It appears I may have overlooked the quilts at this one
2012 All British Field Meet
This show is held in Queen Elizabeth Park, on the Saturday of the Victoria Day weekend (weekend with Monday immediately prior to May 25th for those non-Canadians) It is a premier all British show with some amazing cars brought out of the garage!
2012 Steamworks Concours d'Elegance
This is the latest version of the concours show that has graced the streets of Gastownin recent years. Held on the Labour Day weekend, it has been moved to Blackie's Spit in Crescent Beach, a wonderful grassy area beside the ocean.
2012 Cloverdale Blueberry Festival
A great show on the streets of Cloverdale, British Columbia held in conjunction with the annual blueberry festival. What more can we ask for than tasty berry treats and beautiful cars! The date of this show was August 4th, 2012
2009 World of Wheels, Abbotsford, BC
This is an annual show held at the Tradex building on the grounds of Abbotsford International Airport in beautiful British Columbia in March. It is an indoor show with a great outdoor marketplace/swap meet that is made better with good weather.
2008 Trip Ardmore OK to Home
In 2008 we purchased a 1972 Chev Cheyenne Super short-box pick-up truck from Ardmore Oklahoma. We flew from Vancouver to Dallas then rented a car to get to the truck and drove it home. These are the pictures of our trip home.
2012 Brittania Beach Cruise
This is an annual cruise organized by Classic Car Adventures ( ) It is a run from North Vancouver to Britannia Beach through as many radar traps as the police can muster.
2012 Barrett Jackson Auction in Vegas
The well known Barrett Jackson auto auction was held again in September, 2012 in Las Vegas. Here are the pictures that i took of most of the cars that were for sale. I'm really not sure how the pictures of women got here...
2012 Blues By The Sea Blues Festival
This was the second annual Blues by the Sea festival, held on the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend in White Rock, BC. It was held in the beautiful oceanside park owned and operated by the Semiahmoo First Nation. There is a great bandshell there.
2012 Corvairs North West Econorun
This is my favourite event of the season. We Corvair owners don't just polish our cars, we drive them! We were treated to our show being held in La Conner, WA with a beautiful drive for the econorun/rally around some very picturesque geography.
2012 Kamloops Hot Nite in The City Show
Another great annual show that is held in the heat of the summer in the desert area of British Columbia, Kamloops. Cars are parked on the streets of the city with music and entertainment throughout the downtown core
1939 COE project
This is a project that we are playing with in the garage. It starts with a rolling chassis from a '74 International Travelall, a cab, nose and fenders from a '39 Chev COE truck, and a 454 that we had in store. Watch very patiently for progress.
2012 Orphan & Discontinued Show
This event has traditionally been held at the XXX Drive-In in Issaquah, WA but for 2012 it was moved to a lovely park setting in Bothell WA. This event is organized by the Corvairs Northwest club to celebrate Corvairs and other discontinued marques.
2012 The Johnson Collection
This is a group of photos of cars housed in "The Johnson Collection" in Langley, BC. Thank-you to Terry Johnson for allowing us to view his wonderful vehicles. From an Impala SS to a Duesenberg, or three Dianas and an Apollo. What a collection!!!!
2013 Kamloops Show
Here is the 2013 Kamloops Hot Nite in the City car-show in pictures. As usual it was a smoking hot day of gorgeous sunshine, hot rods, customs and originals. From the Sunbeam Alpine, the Willys and the '56 Chev Truck which were the stars of the show to the big rigs that still work for a living or any of the beautifully kept survivors, this show continually wows the visitors . It is held the same weekend as the Vernon car show which makes a great weekend, Saturday in Kamloops and Sunday in Vernon then back home to work for Monday. My lovely first wife and I took my Corvair pick-up to the show again this year along with Rich and his wife in their gorgeous '46 Ford. The crew that puts on this show (19 years now I think) does a wonderful job with lots of prizes and a great Poker Run on Friday night. I rarely seem to arrive early enough to participate in that, but the year I did, it was a moving experience. The Poker Run has several stops at Care Homes which has the effect of bringing the rolling car show to people who do not have the ability to go to it. I was inspired by the smiles on the faces of some of the residents as they were watching the cars and you could see the dreams in their eyes again.
2012 Las Vegas Auto Collection
This is a collection of cars, mostly for sale, in a great little carshow right on Las Vegas Blvd. in the Imperial Palace. It is a great way to spend a couple of hours on a hot sweaty day, although remember to finish your beer before you come in as there is no food or drink allowed in the show. It would be easy to spend 7 figures. If one had seven figures to spend...
2010 Cedar Rapids Trip & Corvair Convention
In 2010 we drove our 1961 Corvair Rampside halfway across the country to the Corsa Convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Here are the pictures of our trip and of the Corvair Convention from my point of view.
2012 Cloverdale Rodeo Show
Put on by SRO Promotions, Audrey and Gord Stebanuk ran a top notch show in a very tight venue. Had the weather been more cooperative, the cars that were parked outside would have garnered a lot of attention too, but what can you expect in BC in May?
2013 Westcoasters Show In White Rock, BC
An annual event held on the sunny shores of Boundary Bay in White Rock, BC.
2013 Pitt Meadows Show
Here is a small show in Pitt Meadows, BC at the airport. It is done in conjunction with The Pit Meadows Airport Day party.